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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Virtual Event?

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB) Virtual Food Drive is a representational web-based tool that allows individuals and groups of all kinds to hold an online food drive. While we love donations in any form, our Virtual Food Drive allows you to raise funds for food in a very efficient way. It's also easy and fun!  Go ahead; start one with your co-workers at the office, as a family project no matter where family members live, or because you and your friends are passionate about our cause.  Maybe you’re having a birthday or wedding and would like your guests to donate in lieu of gifts. You can use a Virtual Food Drive to give to the Food Bank.

2. Why a Virtual Food Drive?

Holding a Virtual Food Drive lets you or your group get involved in providing access to healthy food, education and training for our members in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and the North Shore in an easy, immediate and highly effective way.

3. What do I do if I have cash or cheque donations?

We appreciate your donations in all forms but as this is an online campaign, any offline donations, therefore cash or cheques, will not be included towards any Virtual Food Drive team's total amount raised.   We encourage donations to come through our Virtual Food Drive website whenever possible but if you do have any cash or cheques to donate to us, please fill out and print this form using Acrobat Reader and bring them to our office at:

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society
1150 Raymur Avenue
Vancouver, BC  V6A 3T2

4. What about regular food donations?

GVFB collects more than five million pounds of food and thousands of dollars each year through community food and fund drives sponsored by individuals, corporations, clubs, schools and associations. Food drives supply nonperishable items that are greatly needed by our partner agencies. Contributing money instead of food allows the Food Bank to purchase fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables as well as other high quality foods such as eggs and milk. Regardless of which method one chooses, these drives make an incredible difference for struggling families throughout the communities we serve. If you are interested in hsoting a traditional food drive, you can register here: Food Drive Registration Form

5. Who can run a virtual food drive or event?

Anyone can host a Virtual Food Drive. You can register as an individual, you can start your own team or you can join an existing team. Your event can be customized to meet the needs of your organization, your school or office group, your family, or yourself. Click here to start your virtual food drive today.

Below are some benefits of running a virtual food drive or event:

+ Easy to use and manage.
+ It's the greenest, most cost-effective, simple and secure way of all food drives.
+ Meaningful team-building activity to boost morale while challenging one another between offices or floors in your work place.
+ Highlight your company's commitment in helping the community by hosting a branded VFD.
+ Transactions can be completed within minutes.
+ Great idea to commemorate special moments in life such as birthdays or weddings by FUNraising and making a real impact.
+ You may use any major credit card for payment on a secure website.
+ Donors will receive an e-receipt confirming their tax-deductible donations immediately.
+ Saves the Greater Vancouver Food Bank the time and resources incurred by a physical food drive.
+ Participants get to choose which of our most wanted items to purchase for our 26,500 weekly members.
+ Your donations allow us to purchase our most needed and fresh items.

6. I hosted a Virtual Food Drive before but I cannot find it anymore.

Each year, the Virtual Food Drive gets "refreshed" on July 1st. If you were a past participant and would like to access your 2016/2017 Virtual Food Drive page from past year, please visit here. If your Virtual Food Drive page was set up before year 2016, your page has been archived and we suggest you to host a new Virtual Food Drive for this year.

Your user name and password from last year's Participant Centre for accessing your page remains valid. Any donations made through last year's Virtual Food Drive still go to the Food Bank and still purchase fresh food for our members.

7. How do I get started?

Host a Virtual Food Drive

- or -
Donate to a Virtual Food Drive

  1. Simply select either "HOST a Food Drive" or "DONATE to a Food Drive" from our Virtual Food Drive home page.
  2. Register: You can register as an individual, as part of an existing team or you can start your own team.
  3. Log into your Participant Center (Login to Participant Center at the top of the page) and personalize your Virtual Food Drive with a photo and your personal message.
  4. Invite friends, family and co-workers; your intended participants, to your page and to help you meet your fundraising goal!

8. Can I just make a donation?

Yes! In fact, your personal donation is really important, and sets an example and inspiration for your supporters.  To make a donation to the GVFB Virtual Food Drive, click here and on the left, you can donate directly by choosing "Skip & Donate Here!".

9. Can you give me some ideas to make my virtual food drive a success?

Sure!  The keys to success are pretty simple:

  1. Make it personal – add a photo and your personal story to your page.  This will create context that will help your supporters understand why they should help.
  2. Ask – make a personal appeal to your friends and family. Use the tools inside the Participant Center to send emails.  Share your Virtual Event on Facebook, Twitter, and any other platform you use.
  3. Donate – make your personal donation to kick start your campaign.  Lead by example.

10. Fundraising Incentives:

To celebrate our participants' fundraising effort and achievement of raising $100 or more, we are proud to award the following virtual Achievement Badges to those who have raised:

Virtual Food Drive: $100 MILESTONE Virtual Food Drive: $500 MILESTONE Virtual Food Drive: $1000 MILESTONE Virtual Food Drive: $5000 MILESTONE Virtual Food Drive: over $10,000 MILESTONE

If you host a Virtual Food Drive and make a donation as well, you will automatically get this virtual Achievement Badge Virtual Food Drive: I donated on your page.

11. Virtual Food Drive Disclaimer:

Please note that the Virtual Food Drive is a representational giving tool, the funds raised go to purchase food and support programs of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.  For every one dollar donated the Greater Vancouver Food Bank can buy three dollars of food!

12. I still have questions.

Still have questions?  Please contact the development team at 604-216-3080 or email us at